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MIND is one of the main research institutes in Sri Lanka that continue to produce advanced scientific research on Sustainable Production and Consumption (SPC), a key area of sustainable development. All sustainability issues of today are directly or indirectly linked to SPC but with limited scientific research.

During last couple of years MIND researchers published three peer reviewed research papers in Journal of Sustainable Production and Consumption, the journal of the Institution of Chemical Engineers of UK.

All three publications look at issues and challenges in converting traditional product life cycles to sustainable life cycles.

  • COVID-19 and sustainable development
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  • Garment - Sri Lanka
    Supply/ value chain analysis of carbon and energy footprint of garment manufacturing in Sri Lanka
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  • Tea - Sri Lanka
    Economic, social and environmental impacts and overall sustainability of the tea sector in Sri Lanka
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  • Palm oil - Brazil
    Value-Supply Chain Analysis (VSCA) of crude palm oil production in Brazil, focusing on economic, environmental and social sustainability.
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MIND Research-Discussion Papers